This Week in the News – The Romanovs and Imperial Russia


Winter view of the Alexander Palace, Tsarskoye Selo

I have had the pleasure of visiting St Petersburg during the winter months on several occasions over the years.

During these stays, I do not allow the cold Russian winter to stop me from visiting Tsarskoye Selo. I hop on the train at Vitebsky Station,for a 30-40 minute ride to the Tsarskoye Selo Train station, and from there walk to the palace.

From the palace, you can walk to the beautifully restored Feodorovsky Sovereign Cathedral in one direction, or the Children’s Island in the other. On one visit, I found the lake frozen, walked across the ice to explore and photograph the island, the children’s playhouse, and pet cemetery – PG

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Take a video tour of Peterhof State Museum Reserve in St. Petersburg

Peterhof is an hour away from St.Petersburg, but it’s worth spending a whole day strolling around its parks, palaces, and alleys. VIDEO is 3 minutes, 35 seconds in length

Did Napoleon leave stolen gold in Russia?

Rumors abound that during its epically unsuccessful invasion of Russia in 1812, Napoleon’s army looted some 80 tons of gold, among other riches, from Moscow. But none of it ever left Russia. Alexey Timofeychev reports in RBTH.

5 Cultural Gems in Russia’s Imperial Capital

Art is everywhere in Russia’s second largest city, one of the world’s great cultural destinations. From the iconic to the unexpected to the hidden, these museums will give you a well-rounded visit to St. Petersburg. Nancy Gupton writes in ‘National Geographic Travel’, with photographs by Jeff Heimsath and Jess Mandia.

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Tobolsk Kremlin

Siberia’s former capital Tobolsk is one of the region’s most historic cities and one of the nation’s most beautiful, sporting a magnificent snow-white kremlin and a charmingly decrepit old town. The Tobolsk Kremlin is the only stone kremlin in Siberia. The domes of the 17th century St. Sophia-Assumption Cathedral can be seen behind the 18th century Trading Arcades (Gostiny Dvor).

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