This Week in the News – The Romanovs and Imperial Russia


PHOTO: Moscow metro showcases Imperial train to mark the 100th anniversary of the murder of Nicholas II and his family

The outside carriages are decorated with images of Emperor Nicholas II and his family. Inside, commuters can read various historical references to relevant topics during the life and reign of Russia’s last emperor and tsar.

The train will operate along the Zamoskvoretskaya (No. 2 Green) line of the Moscow metro, which includes 23 stations, and spans 42 kilometres (26 mi).

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The Trinity Monastery in Tyumen: A testament to faith in Siberia + 9 Photos

Architectural historian and photographer William Brumfield writes in RBTH, about the culture, conflict, and incredible craftsmanship which have shaped this architectural gem that has survived the ravages of time.

Where’s Russia’s imperial gold? A century of tireless searching

The fate of the Russian Empire’s gold reserves, the world’s largest in the early 20th, still intrigues many people. For the best part of 100 years hopeful gold hunters have been trying to find the missing 200 million gold rubles (four billion USD in today’s money) – but does it actually exist? Alexey Timofeychev reports in RBTH.

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PHOTO: Portraits and busts of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, currently on display at the Hessian Princesses in Russian History exhibition in the Museum of the Icon in Frankfurt, Germany – to 26 February 2018

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