Memorial Plaque to Grand Duchess Tatyana Nikolaevna Unveiled in Gatchina


Memorial plaque to Grand Duchess Tatyana Nikolaevna unveiled on 8th March 2018

This article was researched from Russian media sources and written by Paul Gilbert, Founder of Royal Russia © 2018

On 8th March 2018, a memorial plaque to Grand Duchess Tatyana Nikolaevna (1897-1918) was unveiled on the building of the new railway station at Tatyanino. The station is a stopping point for the Oktyabrskaya Railway in the city of Gatchina, on the St. Petersburg (Varshavksy or Warsaw Railway Station) – Luga line. The project was initiated by the local lore club Old Gatchina, and the Russian Railways.

The inscription on the grey granite plaque reads: “The Tatyanino platform was opened on 15 September 1916, and was named after the Grand Duchess Tatyana Nikolaevna, the daughter of Emperor Nicholas II.”

In attendance at the ceremony were the head of the Old Gatchina Club Sergei Skovpnev, Gatchina regional specialists Andrei Burlakov, and Valery Machulsky, employees of Russian Railways, Director of the Gatchina State Museum Preserve Vasily Pankratov, and members of the media.


Tatyanino Station in Gatchina

The idea to create the station at the junction of Konstantinovskaya and Olginskaya streets in Gatchina arose in 1913, when the collection of donations for its construction began. However, the construction of the platform ceased with the outbreak of the First World War.

The Committee of Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Tatyana Nikolaevna cared for the victims of hostilities. During the course of military operations, arriving refugees and wounded soldiers in need of medical assistance, emphasized the need for the new station. The wounded arrived in Gatchina from the Warsaw Railway Station in St Petersburg, and then transported through the city to local hospitals. The journey was long and complicated, and it was Grand Duchess Tatyana who proposed the construction of a new railway platform to receive the wounded. Construction work was resumed in 1916 with the financial support of the Tatyana Committee, the Ministry of Railways, and the Military Department.


Grand Duchess Tatyana Nikolaevna served as a nurse at the Tsarskoye Selo hospital

In addition to the charity work carried out by her Committee, Tatyana launched a campaign for donations to aid those soldiers and officers who were wounded or killed at the front, as well as their families. Together, with her mother the Empress Alexandra, and her older sister Olga, Tatyana helped to nurse the wounded in a private hospital at Tsarskoye Selo.

The opening of the new platform received Grand Duchess Tatyana’s name as a token of special gratitude for her mercy, took place on 15 September 15 1916. Originally it was planned to be called “Baggovutovo” in honor of the former city commandant, Lieutenant-General Karl Fyodorovich Baggovut . However, the members of the Tatyana Committee insisted on assigning the platform to the name of Grand Duchess Tatyana Nikolaevna, and the platform received the official name “Tatyanino”. From June 1917, the station began to provide serve passenger trains to and from the Imperial capital.

In 1930, there were plans to rename the platform, but they were not implemented, and the station has retained its historical name to the present day.

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