Upcoming Russian Art Sale Features Romanov Treasures


Click HERE to view the 180-page catalogue

The French auction house Coutau-Begarie & Associes will host a Russian Art Sale at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris on 11th and 12th April 2018.

The sale will feature more than 600 rare and unique items from the collections of the Comte Alexandre von Kotzebue (1876-1945), Comte Alexis Igniatieff (1874-1948), and  Général Nicolas Tretiakow (1854-1917).

The upcoming is among one of the finest to date, featuring icons, Fabergé, silverware, table linens, framed portraits of members of the Russian Imperial family, letters and photographs of the families of Emperors Alexander III and Nicholas II, a copy of the 1896 Coronation album, documents and other items from Nicholas II’s state visit to France in 1896, busts, a Ukase signed by Nicholas II in 1905, photographs of Nicholas II and his family taken by Pierre Gilliard, letters of the grand dukes and grand duchesses, cigarette cases, jewellery, coins, beautiful vermeil pieces, orders, military decorations, books, porcelain, artwork, furniture, an extensive collection of vintage photographs and postcards of Nicholas II and his family, and much more.


Click HERE to view the 180-page catalogue

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