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Emperor Nicholas II and his family – Holy Royal Martyrs

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The cathedral ensemble at Ostashkov: Jewel on Lake Seliger + 10 Colour Photos!

Architectural historian and photographer William Brumfield writes in RBTH, writes about two remarkable stone churches which illustrate pre-revolutionary style.

St. Anastasia of Kiev

St. Anastasia of Kiev, a Russian Grand Duchess (Alexandra Petrovna) and later a nun, is liturgically commemorated every year on Bright Thursday, and today, April 13, is the anniversary of her blessed repose. Sergei Shumilo writes in

10 masterpieces of Art Nouveau architecture in Russia

Buildings from this great architectural period can be found throughout Russia, from St. Petersburg and Moscow to Vladivostok. Irina Osipova writes in RBTH.

Collecting Guide: 15 things you need to know about Fabergé + 22 Colour Photos!

Russian art specialist Helen Culver Smith takes us on a guided tour of the legendary jewellery house, looking at everything from the iconic imperial eggs to its jewellery, flowers, figurines and snuff-boxes, and the distinct styles of its various branches and workmasters

Tiny ornamental flower kept under bed is valued at £1MILLION on Antiques Roadshow

The tiny object which owner thought was worth £50,000 – and was kept under a soldier’s bed for years – has been valued at seven figures.

Major Exhibition on Catherine the Great Opens in Zagreb This Week

An exhibition ‘Catherine the Great, Empress of All Russia’ opens on Thursday, 12th April, in Klovićevi Dvori Gallery in Zagreb, Croatia, featuring more than 1,000 items.

Collection Of Imperial Russian Porcelains Leads $1,193,000 Sale At US Auction

A two-day sale, April 7–8, at Northeast Auctions featured a collection of glass, porcelain, and drawings, owned by the Russian Imperial family.

Treasures From the Peterhof State Museum Reserve Exhibited in Beijing

A new exhibition titled the Story of the Peterhof Palace Treasures, featuring 243 items and giving a peek into the lives of Russia’s old elite has opened at China Millennium Monument and runs until June 10.

Just for fun . . . Customised iPhones Styled like Fabergé Eggs

Russian company Caviar have created a new, ultra-lavish range of religious-themed customised iPhones which have been designed in the style of Fabergé eggs.

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Emperor Nicholas II inspects members of the Caucasian Native Cavalry Division or ‘Savage Division’, a cavalry division of the Imperial Russian Army.

In accordance with the order of Emperor Nicholas II on the creation of the Caucasian Native Cavalry Division of August 23, 1914, the division consisted of the administration and three brigades of two Caucasian indigenous cavalry regiments (each in 4 squadrons ).

It was composed of volunteers from Chechnya, Ingushetia, Karachay, Circassia, Kabarda, Azerbaijan, Dagestan and some from Ossetia, Armenia and Georgia.

It took part in World War I, under the command of the Emperor’s brother, Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich.

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