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Portrait of the Tsesarevich Alexei Nikolaevich

Unknown Russian artist – it looks like a contemporary work, does any one know who the artist is? Картина красива! Кто такой художник?

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Vsevolod Chaplin: ”DNA testing must play a key role in identifying the remains. But…”

The topic of belonging of Ekaterinburg remains to the imperial family has been thrilling the public for many years. Different testing provides facts and counter-arguments on this issue. For instance, analysis of a dental scientist questioned the authenticity of Nicholas II of Russia’s remains. An interview from a Chicago newspaper in 1919 found by Archbishop Vsevolod Chaplin makes its contribution to the discussion. In today’s column written for our online newspaper, the Orthodox priest considers different versions and asks experts and the public new questions.

A floating apparition on Lake Seliger: St. Nilus Monastery + 10 PHOTOS

Architectural historian and photographer William Brumfield writes in RBTH, writes about thet breathtaking St. Nilus Stolobensky Monastery in the Tver Region. Located on a small island in Lake Seliger, the monastery possesses a special lyrical appeal in the midsummer, when the shores of Stolobny Island are fringed with reeds and water lilies.

Why this American cereal heiress amassed a huge Russian art collection

Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens in Washington, D.C., houses her vast and obsessive collection of Imperial Russian collected artworks, including nearly 90 Faberge pieces, 60 Russian porcelain dining services featuring dishes from Empress Catherine the Great, 25 silver religious chalices, two minutely detailed Imperial Easter eggs and the nuptial crown of Empress Alexandra.

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У Сысоя (2007) Artist: Alexander Kosnichev

Alexander Kosnichev is an internationally known realist / impressionist painter based in Moscow, Russia. Kosnichev’s paintings have been exhibited worldwide and can be found in private collections throughout USA, Europe, and Asia.

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