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Empress Maria Feodorovna holding her son, the future Emperor Nicholas II (1868)

150th anniversary of the birth of Emperor Nicholas II 18 May (O.S. 6 May) 1868

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#Romanovs100 marks 150 years since Nicholas II’s birth with rare images

Exactly 100 years ago to the day, Russia’s last Tsar, Nicholas II, celebrated his 50th birthday. RT’s multi-platform history project #Romanovs100 marks the date in digital.

Party like the last emperor: how Nicholas II squandered the nation’s wealth on celebrations

May 18, 2018 marks 150 years since Nicholas II, Russia’s last emperor, was born. His court boasted probably the most lavish ceremonies, and sometimes they partied like the world was going to end, which ironically it did for them. We commemorate the Tsar’s jubilee, remembering how he truly partied “like a Russian.” Georgy Manaev writes in RBTH.

Note: Personally, I take issue with the title of this article – “squandered the nation’s wealth” is a bit strong. Georgy Manaev, like most modern-day journalists likes to embellish, ie. Nicholas II was no drunk, this has been clearly documented by General Alexander Spiridovitch and Semyon S. Fabritsky in their memoirs – PG

12 pictures of Russia’s most impressive royal weddings

While the world awaits the royal event of the year, the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, let’s take a glimpse at how their relatives, the Russian tsars and dukes, celebrated their marriages.

Just for fun . . . #Romanovs100: Join digital colorization contest judged by renowned artist Marina Amaral

#Romanovs100 has teamed up with Brazilian artist Marina Amaral for a photo colorization contest open to social media users. The competition is part of RT’s history project dedicated to Russia’s last reigning family – the Romanovs.

Russian honours: Emperor Nicholas II of Russia

This article considers the centenary of two important honours that were conferred on Emperor Nicholas II of Russia during World War 1 – the rank of field marshal, and his appointment to be a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath. Russell Malloch writes in ‘The Gazette’

Profound Examples of Holiness: The Royal Martyrs in Their Own Words and Through the Words of Those Who Knew Them

An excellent article by Ryan Hunter, published on the web page. Well done, Ryan, congratulations!

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A lovely photo of the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, seated on the balcony of the old wooden Large Livadia Palace (architect Ippolit Monighetti). The Empress looks calm and at peace, enjoying the warm breezes coming in off the Black Sea.

The beautiful detail of the neo-Byzantine Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross can be seen in the background. The old wooden Large Palace was demolished in 1910, and replaced with the New Livadia Palace (architect Nikolai Krasnov) in 1911.

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