English Edition of ‘The Romanov Royal Martyrs’ to be Published Early 2019


The English edition of The Romanov Royal Martyrs will be available in early 2019

The Monastery of St. John the Forerunner in Mesa Potamos, Cyprus, wishes to announce that soon, by God’s grace, an English version of its recently published book The Romanov Royal Martyrs will be available.

The book was originally published in Greek in January 2018 and it has been received with great enthusiasm. Following multiple requests from English-speaking readers, the book will be published in English in early 2019 by St Vladimir’s Seminary Press.

Based strictly on primary sources, the book offers previously unpublished texts in English, such as excerpts from the testimonies of the Novo-Tikhvin nuns, who were taking provisions to the Imperial Family at the Ipatiev house, and from the testimonies of Ipatiev guards, as well as other important materials.

Among the historians who worked together with the fathers on the project are Nicholas B.A. Nicholson, Helen Azar, and Helen Rappaport, all noted specialists in Romanov history.

The monastery writes of the Royal Martyrs and the book:

“The Orthodox Church has never claimed infallibility for any of its saints. On the contrary, sanctity, according to Orthodox doctrine is a dynamic procedure, in the course of which those who struggle spiritually do fall repeatedly, only to time and again rise to their feet and continue their journey in repentance and humility, acquired through the realization of their human weaknesses. That then becomes unfailing trust in God’s will, a spiritual property of the most noble spirits, which is in the sight of God of great price.

“Nevertheless, this unique spiritual virtue they acquired was wrongfully viewed as religious fatalism by those unable to understand the true essence of the Orthodox faith. The Royal Martyrs surrendered themselves and their whole lives to the will of God, even unto death, in the most spiritually perfect degree and thus, regardless of their human errors, unavoidable for all created beings, they reached the level of that kind of faith which overcomes death and renders the bearers of it living vessels of the grace of God in eternity, in a word: saints.”

The book, “approaches the life of the Royal Martyrs through an Orthodox prism, presenting to the readers a hagiographical work, set in the context of modern writing, while preserving utter respect to true historical facts. It also sheds light on distorted chapters from the life of the Royal Martyrs, such as the events of Bloody Sunday 1905, which have sadly managed to be established as true historical facts in their distorted form. Finally, the book includes an abundance of original writings by the Royal Martyrs, taken from their diaries and correspondences, offering to the readers the experience of an immediate encounter with the Martyrs themselves, and thus, helping them acquire a personal understanding of their spiritual values.”

The book also features a full-color photo insert, including high-quality colorized pictures of the Royal Martyrs, published for the first time in printed form. The colorization was made by the acclaimed Russian artist Olga Shirnina.

The Monastery of St. John the Forerunner in Mesa Potamos, Cyprus has opened a new high-quality website dedicated to the publication of the first biography of the Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia, Tsar Nicholas II and his family,


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