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Prince Harry and Emperor Nicholas II wearing the frock coat of the Scots Greys

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Serov portrait of Nicholas II goes on display at the Scottish National Gallery

A new painting has gone on display at the Scottish National Gallery today. It is on loan to the Gallery from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Regiment Trust and it shows the last Tsar of Russia in the uniform of the Royal Scots Greys.

Diary of Last Russian Tsar’s Final Days Published in US

The publication of the book, titled “The Romanovs Under House Arrest: From the 1917 Diary of a Palace Priest,” coincides with two anniversaries, including the 150th year since the birth of Nicholas II on May 18, and one century since the last tsar and his family were massacred by the Bolsheviks on July 17.

‘Oldest’ known photograph of ‘mad monk’ Grigory Rasputin goes on display in Siberia

Haunting image of the holy man – who exerted an extraordinary hold on the Russian royals – has never been seen before

Attack on Repin’s Ivan the Terrible Painting in Tretyakov Gallery

On Friday evening at the Tretyakov Gallery just five minutes before closing time, a man dashed past a group of gallery guards doing a last walk-through of the museum, ran into the empty hall of works by Ilya Repin, and used a metal stanchion to bash the painting “Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan 16 November 1581.”

More Faberge Discoveries!

Pair of incredibly-rare Faberge flowers stored in a shoe box for 40 years are set to fetch £500,000 at auction after the owner saw a similar piece on Antiques Roadshow

Exalted exile: Suzdal’s Intercession Convent + 11 PHOTOS

Architectural historian and photographer William Brumfield writes in RBTH, about an architectural marvel with a complex history.

Faberge Eggs: Art Charting Romanov Rule

Annalisa D’Alessio writes in ‘Arts & Collections International’

Holy Children: On the Rearing of the Romanov Children at Tsarskoe Selo

Emperor Nicholas II (1868-1918) was an ideal family man, husband, and father, and the empress the model of a loving wife and caring mother. Marina Kravtsova writes in

#Romanovs100 colorization contest with Marina Amaral well underway (PHOTOS)

Colorization superstar, artist Marina Amaral, teamed up with #Romanovs100 to judge an online competition for aspiring and professional artists, and a week into the contest, some amazing works are coming in.

A little known painting of Russia’s last Tsarina?

Royal historian Elizabeth Jane Timms writes about an oil portrait, said to be of Russia’s last Empress, Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna, when she was Princess Alix of Hesse. The painting is the property of the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre and was made by the Irish artist John Lavery. (1856-1941).

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Declaration of the Monarchist Movement of Russia

Adopted on May 19, 2013 at a conference of Russian national-patriotic organizations. The conference was timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the birth of Emperor Nicholas II.

The declaration states: “Monarchy is the best and the only legitimate and morally justified form of government for Russia, its restoration will be a blessing for the people and the state.”

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