God, Save the Tsar! Imperial Anthem of the Russian Empire


Still taken from vintage newsreel (below) of Nicholas II kissing an Orthodox cross

God, Save the Tsar! (Russian: Боже, Царя храни!; transliteration: Bozhe, Tsarya khrani!) was the national anthem of the former Russian Empire. The song was chosen from a competition held in 1833 and was first performed on 18 December 1833. The composer was violinist Alexei Lvov, and the lyrics were by the court poet Vasily Zhukovsky. It was the anthem until the Russian Revolution of 1917, after which “Worker’s Marseillaise” was adopted as the new national anthem until the overthrow of the Russian Provisional Government.

Our special web page dedicated the Imperial Anthem of the Russian Empire was updated last week with 2 additional videos, bringing the total number to 9. These new additions not only feature haunting renditions of God, Save the Tsar!, but also include vintage (colourized) newsreels of Emperor Nicholas II and his family.

Click HERE to review an article on the history of the Imperial Anthem of the Russian Empire and to view all 9 videos of God, Save the Tsar! Боже, Царя храни!, performed by Russian Orthodox and professional choir ensembles – courtesy of YouTube. 

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