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Aerial view of Ropsha Palace

Ropsha Palace and the surrounding park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and thus protected by the State. In 2012, the Russian Ministry of Culture transferred the administration of Ropsha Palace to the Peterhof State Museum-Preserve. On 25th October 2016, Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky announced that the restoration of the palace would be funded Russian oil giant Rosneft.

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Why did Prince Harry wear Nicholas II’s jacket for the wedding ceremony?

Walking down the aisle with his bride, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, was wearing a rather posh-looking uniform, which resembles what Nicholas II of Russia in early 20th century photos often wore. Was it a conscious move or just coincidence? Georgy Manaev reports in RBTH.

NOTE: the photos of Prince Harry and Nicholas II published in the media have created a lot of confusion over the frock coats worn by each. This article in particular generated many comments on the Royal Russia Facebook page. In conclusion, both are similar, however the Duke of Sussex is wearing the frockcoat uniform of the Blues and Royals and the Emperor Nicholas II is wearing that of the Royal Scots Grays – PG

Since posting this image on the Royal Russia Facebook page on 24th May, it has been viewed by 58,781 people around the world, making it the most popular photo in Royal Russia history!

Peter the Great’s Poltava battleship replica floated out in St. Petersburg

It is a full-scale replica of Russia’s first battleship that was built according to the design and with personal participation of Emperor.

Tsarist splendor: 5 secrets of St.Petersburg’s main park

The Summer Garden was the favorite creation of Peter the Great, and a triumph of imperial landscaping. Anna Sorokina writes in RBTH.

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Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna (1890-1958) signing copies of her book Education of a Princess in a US bookshop (1931)

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