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Another stunning aerial view of Tsarskoye Selo

In the foreground is the White Tower, built between 1821-1827, by the Scottish architect Adam Menelaws for Emperor Nicholas I’s children. Restoration began in the 1990s and was completed two decades later, in October 2012.

The Alexander Palace is situated to the upper left of the White Tower, and is scheduled to reopen next month. The Catherine Palace is situated above that of the AP.

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Royally betrayed! George V told his cousin, the Russian tsar, he was his devoted friend — but abandoned him and his family to be murdered by the Bolsheviks

A review of Frances Welch’s forthcoming book Imperial Tea Party: Family, Politics and Betrayal: the Ill-Fated British and Russian Royal Alliance, to be published June 2018.

NOTE: Author Frances Welch is one of 5 speakers at the Nicholas II Conference to be held at St John’s Orthodox Church, Colchester, England, on Saturday, 27th October, 2018.

Haunting last picture before execution of the boy born to be Russia’s tsar

These photos are part of the new Museum of the Family of Emperor Nicholas II, which opened in Tobolsk last month

Two rare Fabergé flower ornaments sell for £340,000 at auction in UK

The flowers were hammered down at a total of £340,000 (plus buyer’s premium of 20%) this evening (June 11). The white flower ornament sold for £180,000 and the red berry version fetched £160,000 and both were sold to the same private buyer on the phone.

Watch auctioneer Charles Hanson selling his “most significant find ever” + VIDEO

Two rare Fabergé flowers brought to a routine valuation event wrapped in an old tea towel were sold in a sale conducted by auctioneer Charles Hanson this week.

Exhibition: Fabergé Rediscovered

Designed to delight and surprise, the treasures created by the firm of Carl Fabergé have inspired admiration and intrigue for over a century, both for their remarkable craftsmanship and the fascinating histories that surround them. Now, a special exhibition at Hillwood will unveil new discoveries relating to its own collection of Fabergé imperial Easter eggs and other famed works.

18 Russian Empire posters that will force you to buy an airplane (or powder)

Advertising posters in the Russian Empire were real art masterpieces depicting picturesque historical battles or episodes out of Slavic mythology.

Tsar’s Gifts presented to Hermitage centre in Kazan

Authentic autograph of Nicholas II, Faberge Clock and gifts of the last Crimean khan

Another article about the search for the remains of Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich and his secretary Nicholas Johnson + 16 PHOTOS!

An American-Russian team is digging at sites in Perm region hoping to find the remains of Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov and his secretary Nicholas Johnson, slain by the Bolsheviks on the night of 12-13 June 1918.

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Interior of the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral, St. Petersburg

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