Nicholas II. Portraits & Monuments – COMING SOON!


The publication of Nicholas II. Portraits & Monuments will mark both the 150th anniversary of the birth, and the 100th anniversary of the death and martyrdom of Russia’s last emperor and tsar.

This special commemorative book is a memorial to Nicholas II, one which spans a century, through portraits and monuments, created both during his reign, and a century later in post-Soviet Russia. The introduction, text and captions have been researched from Russian sources by Royal Russia Founder Paul Gilbert. Richly illustrated with black and white photographs, this title will become a welcome addition to the library of any one who has an interest in Nicholas II.

It features portraits painted during the late 19th and early 20th century, complemented with exceptional works by contemporary Russian artists. During his 22-year reign (1894-1917), Nicholas II was commemorated in a number of superb portraits, many of which have survived to this day, and are now on display in some of Russia’s finest museums and former Imperial residences. Several of them have an interesting history.

While few monuments to Nicholas II were established in the Russian Empire during his reign, dozens of monuments, busts, and memorial plaques have been established in post-Soviet Russia. From Tsarskoye Selo to Vladivostock, Russia’s last emperor and tsar has been immortalized in marble, granite, and bronze. Each one is documented in this book, each with descriptive details. Further, monuments have also been established outside Russia: Serbia, Bosnia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Thailand, even Australia!

The monuments themselves are testament to the changing attitude among Russian society towards the life and reign of Nicholas II.

Large soft cover format, full colour covers, 200 pages, richly illustrated with black and white photos.

Available from the Royal Russia Bookshop in 2019 

© Paul Gilbert @ Royal Russia. 21 June 2018