Nicholas II in July issue of Majesty Magazine


Courtesy: Majesty Magazine

There are two good reasons to pick up a copy of the July 2018 issue of Majesty Magazine 

The issue features a 5 page article To Free the Romanovs by royal historian and author Coryne Hall. In this article, Hall writes about the attempts made by Europe’s crowned heads to rescue Emperor Nicholas II and his family, all of which proved woefully inadequate, though other family members did manage to escape Bolshevik Russia.

Ms Hall’s article ties in with her new book, both marking the centenary of the murder of Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra and their five children.

Her latest book To Free the Romanovs: Royal Kinship and Betrayal in Europe 1917-1919, tells the story of the end of the Romanov dynasty, the role of George V in this family tragedy and the guilt felt in the royal houses of Europe. To Free the Romanovs is Majesty Magazine’s Book of the Month title for July.

Published by Amberley Publishing (UK) in June 2018, available in Canada and the United States in October 2018.




Our full-page colour advert promoting SOVEREIGN and the Nicholas II Conference

SOVEREIGN is a bi-annual journal which presents a revisionist history on the life and reign of Russia’s last emperor and tsar Nicholas II.

The articles featured in SOVEREIGN are not a rehash of everything written over the past century about his life and reign. There are no conspiracy theories, nor does SOVEREIGN attempt to sweep history under the rug, or whitewash Russia’s last emperor and tsar.

Instead, SOVEREIGN features many first English language works by Russian historians and experts, based on new archival documents discovered since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. 

All current and back issues of SOVEREIGN are available from the Royal Russia Bookshop.

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