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Royal Russia Founder Paul Gilbert in Ekaterinburg for Tsar’s Days, 14-20 July 2018

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“Such beautiful faces…” Nearly 90 rare photographs of the Imperial Family from six family albums

I feel truly blessed that I was able to be in Ekaterinburg to attend the Divine Liturgy for Nicholas II and his family on the night of 16/17 July, at the Church on the Bllod – PG

Remains Definitely Belong to Tsar Nicholas II and Family According to Investigative Committee

The ongoing comprehensive examination on the remains possibly belonging to Tsar-Martyr Nicholas and his family has confirmed that the remains do indeed belong to them, said the official representative of the Russian Investigative Committee Svetlana Petrenko.

We Continue to Participate in the Sin of Regicide

One day a woman called in to a live program on Radio Radonezh and reproached the commentator Viktor Saulkin for his words about repentance: “Do you think that all of us should gather in Red Square and kneel down? That’s really too much!” But Viktor Saulkin answered kindly and calmly: “No, it does not matter. What really matters is what we have in our hearts.” About twenty years have passed and today is the centenary of the Royal Family’s martyrdom.

Fr Nicholas Gibbes: The First English Disciple of Tsar Nicholas II and the First English Priest of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

A talk given by Archpriest Andrew Phillips at Barton Manor near Osborne House on the Isle of Wight on 7 July 2018.

NOTE: Fr Andrew is one of five speakers scheduled to talk at the Nicholas II Conference at St John’s Orthodox Church, in Colchester, England, on Saturday, 27th October 2018

#Romanovs100 top 10 clips on Nicholas II, Royal Family & Rasputin (VIDEOS)

100 years after the execution of the Romanov family, #Romanovs100 dedicated to the Empire’s last reigning royals came to a close. We look at the top 10 videos produced using 4,000 rare photographs the Romanovs took themselves.

Russia’s best jokes about the Romanovs

The Romanov dynasty ruled Russia for 300 years; people used to fear and adore their emperors – but that didn’t stop them telling stories (respectful or rude) about them. Oleg Yegorov writes in RBTH


I highly recommend Helen Rappaport’s new book The Race to Save the Romanovs – PG

‘Many people failed them!’ Helen Rappaport talks #Romanovs100 and the race to save Imperial Family

July 17, 2018 marked 100 years since the Russian Royal Family was executed by Bolsheviks. #Romanovs100 spoke to historian Helen Rappaport about whether the tragic events of those days have been acknowledged in Russia and abroad.

Speech at the Centenary Observance of the Martyrdom of the Holy Royal Martyr the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna at the Russian Church of Saint Mary Magdalene Gethsemane

Speech by His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem

60,000 faithful venerated relics of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr in Urals

This year’s Royal Days celebrations in the Urals were especially important and festive, with the 100th anniversary of the execution of the holy Royal Martyrs being celebrated on July 17, and the execution of St. Elizabeth the Grand Duchess and sister of Tsarina Alexandra, the Nun Barbara, and Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich Romanov, the Princes Ioann Konstantinovich, Konstantin Konstantinovich, Igor Konstantinovich, and Vladimir Pavlovich Paley, and Grand Duke Sergei’s secretary Fyodor Remez being celebrated on July 18.

At the Crucible of History: The Centenary of the Romanov Family’s Murder

Many of you already know who the people in this photograph are, but for those who do not, let me tell you why I am featuring them, and what they represent to me. Above all else, in terms of my thinking, keep in mind the premise that “Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it…” Ryan Hunter writes in

She Followed After Christ: Holy Martyr, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna

“O Lord, forgive them, for they know not what they do!” was the final prayer of Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna before the black abyss of an abandoned mine swallowed her.

A Hundred Years Later

Today the Tsar is with Sts. Boris and Gleb, with St. Sergius, with Blessed Ksenia, with St. Seraphim. There is neither treason nor flattery around him. He has much more power and strength.

“He dared to serve a panikhida for Tsar Nicholas” – On the Fate of the New Martyr Neophyte Lyubimov

On July 19, the newspaper Izvestia reported “a message from the Ural Provincial Council on the shooting of the former Tsar Nicholas Romanov.”

On July 21,1918, Fr. Neophyte served a panikhida for “the newly-reposed, murdered former Tsar Nicholas” in the Church of St. Spyridon in Moscow, where he had been the rector after 1914. He was arrested that same night.

Elizaveta Fedorovna, the true saint of the Romanovs

Commemorating one hundred years since the massacre of the tsar and his family, many pilgrims focused especially on the relics of the Aunt of Tsar Nicholas II. She was a descendant of Elisabeth of Thuringia. Married to Prince Sergei Aleksandrovich, from Lutheran she became Orthodox. A saint not only of charity, but also of ecumenism and the multicultural world.

Russian Revenants: The Romanov Murders 100 Years On

Whatever factual mystery still surrounds the fate of the Russian royal family in 1918 may finally have been resolved by its centenary last week, but how their deaths will be understood by Russians themselves seems more unclear by the moment. Priscilla M. Jensen writes in ‘The Weekly Standard’

Was Nicholas II really one of the richest men in history?

Tsar Nicholas II ranks 4th, with an estimated net worth of $250 to $300 billion based on a 2010 exchange rate, however, was not as wealthy as many believe, and we’ll explain why. Georgy Manaev writes in RBTH

Royal Cousins and Imperial Russia

Princess Alix of Hesse (future Empress Alexandra Feodorovna) visited Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park on several occasions.

She was extremely fond of her Schleswig-Holstein cousins, of which the roots of this association began long before Princess Alix married into the Russian Imperial House. Royal historian Elizabeth Jane Timms writes in ‘Royal Central’

From Russia with l’Oeuf: why the Fabergé phenomenon lives on

From imperial St Petersburg to Mayfair and North Wales, the legend of Fabergé has captivated generations of aesthetes, writes Olenka Hamilton

Russian Communist Party seeks major probe into Bolshevik role in Romanovs’ killing

A Russian Communist Party MP has asked for the deaths of Russian tsars and other royals to be investigated, saying that the probe of the 1918 killing of the Romanovs is currently being used for propaganda purposes.

Before the firing squad: How the Romanovs lived out their last days 100 years ago

The deposed Russian royals lived in a heavily guarded Urals mansion, enduring constant mocking from their Bolshevik captors. With the White Army advancing towards the city, a decision was taken to summarily execute the family. Oleg Yegorov writes in RBTH

Why did Empress Catherine the Great invite so many foreigners to Russia?

Foreign fans with match tickets didn’t have to worry about visas for the World Cup in Russia, but this isn’t the first time the country’s migration laws have been relaxed. Over two centuries ago Catherine invited a whole load of Europeans to the country as part of a special manifesto, but why? Alexey Timofeychev writes in RBTH

Resistance during the Time of Troubles: The monastery at Borisoglebsky

Architectural historian and photographer William Brumfield writes in RBTH, about the architectural ensemble as a testament to early Muscovite masonry.

100th anniversary of New Martyrs Elizabeth, Barbara celebrated at their relics in Holy Land

A festive Divine Liturgy was held on 19th July at the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia’s St. Mary Magdalene Monastery in Gethsemane, where the holy martyrs’ relics repose, headed by His Grace Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan, reports the site of the Russian Spiritual Mission in Jerusalem.

Stamp in Honor of Centenary of Royal Martyrs Released in Russia

A stamp was released in Russia yesterday in honor of the 100th anniversary of the brutal murder of the last Russian Royal Family, Interfax-Religion reports.

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АЛАПАЕВСКИЕ МУЧЕНИКИ / Martyrs of Alapaevsk

Painting by artist I. Tokarev, created by order of the Urals community in Moscow and donated to the city of Alapaevsk on July 18, 2018.

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