The Conspiracy Against Nicholas II, with Royal Russia Founder Paul Gilbert

The Conspiracy Against Nicholas II is a short 7 minute interview with Royal Russia Founder Paul Gilbert, produced by the Monastery of St John the Forerunner Mesa Potamos in Cyprus.

Paul speaks about the Emperor’s abdication on 15th March [O.S. 2nd March] 1917, and the ‘treachery, cowardice and deceit’ which surrounded him.

He further discusses the main plots which aimed to overthrow Nicholas II from his throne, by his ministers, and even members of his own family. He then discusses some of the myths regarding Nicholas’ II alleged weakness as a ruler, and allegations that his death was met with indifference by the Russian people.

The video includes coloured pictures of the Romanovs and other historical figures, by acclaimed Russian colourist Olga Shirnina, from the forthcoming book The Romanov Royal Martyrs, to be published by St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press in early 2019.


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The Conspiracy Against Nicholas II is the fifth of a special multi-episode tribute featuring exclusive interviews with Mesa Potamos Monastery research colleagues: Helen Azar, Helen Rappaport, Nicholas Nicholson and Paul Gilbert. Click HERE to view ALL six episodes. 

© Paul Gilbert @ Royal Russia. 8 August 2018