Romanov Events in London this Autumn

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The International Nicholas II Conference in Colchester, England is now just weeks away!

The conference marks the 150th anniversary of the birth and the 100th anniversary of the death and martyrdom of Russia’s last emperor and tsar. 

This historic event will feature five experts from Canada, England, and the United States, who will present seven papers on a variety of topics on the life, reign, and sainthood of Nicholas II.


The topics and speakers are scheduled as follows:

  • A Century of Treason, Cowardice, and Lies — Paul Gilbert
  • Why Nicholas II is a Saint — Archpriest Andrew Phillips
  • Nicholas II and the Sacredness of a Monarchy — Igor Krasnov
  • Family Politics and Betrayal — Frances Welch
  • The Romanovs Under House Arrest — Marilyn Pfeifer Swezey
  • The Society of Tsar Nicholas II — Archpriest Andrew Phillips
  • Nicholas II in Post-Soviet Russia — Paul Gilbert

This historic event can be combined with 3 Romanov events in London, in and around the same date as the Conference on Saturday 27th October 2018.

  • Romanov historian and author Coryne Hall presents her new book ‘To Free the Romanovs’
  • Exhibition – The Last Tsar: Blood and Revolution
  • Exhibition – Russia: Royalty and the Romanovs

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It is important to note that the Conference is open to every one: Orthodox Christians, monarchists, historians, adherents of Russia’s last emperor and tsar Nicholas II.

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If you have any questions regarding the conference, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Gilbert at the following email address: 

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