This Week in the News – The Romanovs and Imperial Russia


PHOTO: Portraits of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, Tsarskoye Selo State Museum Collection. Artist: Nikolai Bodarevsky, 1907; and Emperor Nicholas II, Private Collection. Artist: Nikolai Avenirovich Shabunin, 1902-1903.

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‘New perspective on Tsarist Russia’

Writer Frank Shatz writes about Royal Russia Founder Paul Gilbert, in the August 28th issue of ‘The Virginian’

Why are we still so obsessed with the Romanovs?

They ruled Russia for centuries before they were overthrown – a hundred years later, we can’t get enough of their stories…

Exploring Catholic Moscow: History, beauty and where to worship

Despite being a city closely connected with Orthodox Christianity, Moscow features two acting Catholic parishes, a Franciscan monastery and hosts diplomatic missions from both the Vatican and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

“The Door Passes Through a Door”

58 beautiful colour photos of Dormition Holy Sites in Russia – a person does not need to be Orthodox to appreciate their beauty, their significance, or their history – PG

The Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos is a feast of great importance to the Orthodox Church, as well as to people of Russia. It is celebrated on 28 August N.S. for those following the Julian Calendar or 15 August O.S. for those following the Gregorian Calendar.

In celebration of this great feast, let us virtually pass through the doors of some of the most beautiful Cathedrals, Monasteries, and Holy sites in the Rus’ Lands, dedicated to Her Dormition. Through Her prayers, may She protect us all!

How did Africans prosper in the Tsarist Russia?

Russia’s greatest poet had an ancestor from Africa, and many people of color made fortunes at the imperial court.

15 posters about the war Russia catastrophically lost

Russian posters depicting the Russo-Japanese War predicted an easy victory over the enemy, but the country suffered a humiliating defeat and for decades lost its powerful geopolitical position in the Far East.

Hollywood actors who could play the most famous Romanovs’

RBTH has compiled a list of 11 Hollywood actors who “they” believe could play Russia’s rulers – from Sophia Alekseyevna to Nicholas II. Do you agree with their selection?

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The Marble Fountain in the Private Garden of the Catherine Park at Tsarskoye Selo reopened on 28th August, after a thirty-year sleep and a six-month restoration. The garden is laid out on the south facade of the Zubov Wing (the upper floor of which contained Empress Catherine II’s apartments) of the Catherine Palace at Tsarskoye Selo.

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