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PHOTO: The newly restored Equestrian Portrait of Emperor Alexander II (1875), went on display this week in the Museum of Fine Arts in Veliky Novgorod. The portrait, which depicts the emperor in the uniform of the His Majesty’s Life-Guards Hussar Regiment, was painted by Nikolai Yegorovich Sverchkov (1817-1898).

Presumably, the ceremonial portrait was ordered for the museum of the His Majesty’s Life-Guards Hussar Regiment, which was located at the headquarters in Tsarskoye Selo. The portrait was transferred to the Novgorod Museum in 1948.

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Conference Marking the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Royal Martyr Nicholas II to Take Place in late October

Thank you to the Russian Orthodox web site PRAVMIR.COM for posting the following notice, about the Nicholas II Conference, to be held on Saturday 27th October, in Colchester, England

Exhibition: The Cross of the Romanovs

One more exhibition devoted to the Russian Royal Family was produced by the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Romanov Society and will present about 140 professionally restored archival photographs including some very recent discoveries, films, rare documents and oil painted portraits.

6 Russian-British royal relations that changed the course of history

The notorious Ivan the Terrible almost married Elizabeth I, but things got complicated. Here’s our story about who married whom, and who’s related to whom in the British and Russian royal families.

Ever your devoted friend: Alix and Pollie

Royal historian Elizabeth Jane Timms writes about the friendship between Princess Alix of Hesse (future Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and Marion Louisa ‘Pollie’ Delmé-Radcliffe, Baroness Ungern-Sternberg.

Found: A Coin That Stopped the Tsar’s Police From Shaving You

Archaeologists in Russia have recently stumbled upon a 1699 coin issued to mark compliance with the “Beard Tax,” which Tsar Peter the Great had introduced the year before.

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PHOTO: The restoration of the Chapelle, located in the Alexander Park at Tsarskoye Selo, is nearing completion. Constructed between 1825 and 1828 by the famous architect Adam Menelaws, the Chapelle was badly damaged during the Great Patriotic War (1941-45). Restoration on the pavilion began in 2015, and is scheduled to be open to the public in the autumn of 2018.

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