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Paul Gilbert “Son of Old Russia”

In anticipation of the forthcoming release of the English version of our book The Romanov Royal Martyrs the Brotherhood of Mesa Potamos Monastery would like to thank Paul Gilbert for his great and continuous support to our project. Our dear friend Paul Gilbert has spent the last 25 years of his life to researching and writing about the Romanov dynasty, and the history of the Imperial Russia. Through his uniquely excellent Royal Russia website he has repeatedly posted articles, special tributes, and announcements in relevance to our project.

Thank you Paul! May God bless your great work!

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Published on 14th September 2018 by Βασιλομάρτυρες Ρομάνοφ / Romanov Royal Martyrs

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Avoiding the horrors of war: Who were Russia’s most peaceful rulers?

These Russian monarchs tried to pursue their goals mainly through peaceful means. What did they achieve? Alexey Timofeychev writes in RBTH

100 Years Since the Murder of the Russian Imperial Family at Yekaterinburg

A tragedy recalled in this column in ‘Spectator Australia’ on 25th July 2018

Russia’s elite Guards units in photos

They’ve fought in every important conflict Russia has been involved in over the past three centuries. They used to be a powerful political force that could pick and depose tsars as they wished. Here’s a brief history of the Russian Guards.

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A new painting local artist Anvar Batarshin, depicting Emperor Nicholas II’s 1904 visit to Kuznetsk was unveiled at the Kuznetsk Museum and Exhibition Center.

The emperor arrived in Kuznetsk in the summer of 1904 to inspect military units heading to the Russo-Japanese War. He is was greeted at the station by the Saratov governor P.A. Stolypin (right), who later served as Prime Minister of Russia, and Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire from 1906 until his assassination in 1911. Count Vladimir Fredericks (left), who served as Imperial Household Minister between 1897 and 1917, is also depicted in the painting.

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