Royal Russia Founder to Host and Speak at Nicholas II Conference


Royal Russia Founder Paul Gilbert

On Saturday 27th October, Royal Russia Founder Paul Gilbert will both host and speak at the International Nicholas II Conference in Colchester, England.

The event will be held in St John’s Orthodox Church on Military Road in the city of Colchester, Essex (an hour’s train ride from London’s Liverpool Street Station). Gilbert is one of five speakers who will present seven lectures on the life, reign, and sainthood of Russia’s last emperor and tsar.

Paul Gilbert will present the following two lectures at the Conference: 

Topic: A Century of Treason, Cowardice and Lies

There are few monarchs in history about whom opinion has been more divided than the last emperor and tsar of Russia Nicholas II.

Myths about the “weak-willed”, “stupid”, “bloody” tsar, created on the basis of gossip, slanderous fabrications, and Bolshevik propaganda in the early 20th century, are deeply rooted in the minds of both Westerners and the Russian people, even to this day.

Sovereign editor and publisher Paul Gilbert discusses the negative assessment of Nicholas II, particularly in the West. He examines the impact of a century of lies and misinformation by Western historians, biographers, documentarians, and media has had on the legacy of Russia’s last emperor and tsar.

Topic: Nicholas II in Post-Soviet Russia

How do modern Russians view the imperial legacy and what are their perceptions of the last Tsar, Nicholas II? Public attitudes towards him have undergone several shifts since the collapse of the Soviet Union two decades ago, with the most recent studies showing an increase in appreciation of the monarch and his accomplishments.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the image of Nicholas II, whom historians have criticized as an ineffective leader – and who was demonized as the final ruler in a brutal, repressive system by Soviet ideology – has been undergoing a renaissance.

In the past 25+ years, a series of significant events have taken place which have helped Russia re-evaluate the life and reign of the country’s last emperor Nicholas II.

Gilbert discusses the discovery of his remains in Ekaterinburg in 1991, his interment in St. Petersburg 1998, his canonization by the Moscow Patriarchate in 2000, his rehabilitation in 2008, the position of the ROC with regard to the Ekaterinburg remains, the establishment of monuments and busts in post-Soviet Russia, and finally the centenary marking his death and martyrdom in 2018, of which Gilbert took part in.


Paul Gilbert at the monument of Nicholas II, Ganina Yama. 19th July 2018


Paul Gilbert was born in 1956 in Penzance, England. He has dedicated the last 25 years to researching and writing about the Romanov dynasty, and the history of the Imperial Russia. His primary interest is the life and reign of Nicholas II, and is committed to clearing the name of the much slandered emperor and tsar.

He has been a regular visitor to Russia since 1986, visiting palaces, museums, and archives in St Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Crimea. In July 1998, he travelled to St. Petersburg where he joined more than 50 Romanov descendants for the funeral of Nicholas II and members of his family. His most recent journey was to Ekaterinburg in July 2018, where he took part in the Tsar’s Days events, marking the 100th anniversary of the death and martyrdom of the Holy Royal Passion Bearers.

He is the founder of the Royal Russia web site (est. 1994), news blog, and Facebook page with more than 160,000 followers.  

He is also the publisher of more than 40 books on the Russian Imperial family, including the first English translations of Memories in the Marble Palace by Grand Duke Gavriil Konstantinovich, and Last Years of the Court at Tsarskoe Selo in 2 volumes by General Alexandre Spiridovitch. 

He is also the publisher and editor of two bi-annual periodicals: Royal Russia: A Celebration of the Romanov Dynasty and Imperial Russia in Words and Photographs (14 issues in print) and Sovereign: The Life and Reign of Emperor Nicholas II (7 issues in print). 

He is the author of two forthcoming titles: My Russia. Ekaterinburg (2018); and Nicholas II in Post-Soviet Russia (2019).

He currently lives in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada, however, he has plans to eventually return to England, where he will retire. Click on the following link to read his full biography Paul Gilbert. Son of Old Russia with photos and video.

Paul Gilbert is the organizer and host of the Nicholas II Conference to be held on 27th October 2018, in Colchester, England. Click on the banner below for full details on the conference + to purchase tickets. 


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