The Future of Our Official Magazine: Royal Russia


The No. 14 issue is now at the printers . . . I have already begun work on the No. 15 issue . . . after that, only 10 more issues will be published! – Paul Gilbert

On 26 September 2011 . . . the premiere issue of of our official magazine Royal Russia: A Celebration of the Romanov Dynasty and Imperial Russia was launched.

The cover story focuses on the years which Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna spent in Canada, from her arrival in 1948 to her death in November 1960.

The No. 1, 2011 issue remains the most popular issue of my bi-annual journal, with a total of 14 issues published to date.

The No. 14 Summer 2018 is now at the printers, it will be available at the end of October. I have also begun work on the No. 15 Winter 2019 issue, which will feature a cover story on Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna – née Princess Charlotte of Württemberg (1817-1873) – the wife of Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich (1798-1849).

On 17 December 1823, she was received into the Russian Orthodox Church and was given the name Elena Pavlovna. On 20 February 1824, the couple married in St. Petersburg and settled in the Mikhailovsky Palace. Their marriage was not a happy one: Mikhail’s only passion was for the army and he neglected Elena. Nevertheless, he and Elena had five daughters.

When Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich died, in 1849, she became a patron of several charitable organizations and the arts. She founded the Saint Petersburg Conservatoire as well as a group of nursing sisters which would eventually become the forerunners of the Red Cross in Russia.

The No. 15 Winter 2019 issue will be available in January 2019.

Back in October 2016, I announced that I would “semi-retire”, and over the next few years that I would be downsizing all divisions of Royal Russia. In keeping with my agenda, I confirm that a total of only 25 issues of Royal Russia will be published. The No. 25 Winter 2024, will be the final issue! 

While 2024 is still some years away, it is important to note that there will be only one printing of each new issue. Once copies are sold, there will be no further reprints, the sold out issue will officially be out of print. Any one holding a full set of 25 issues will have in their possession, will be holding a unique collectors item.

If you are missing any issues, please note that I am now down to less that 10 copies of the following issues: No. 1 (2011), No. 2 (2012), No. 3 (2013), No. 4 (2013), No. 5 (2014), No. 8 (2015), and No. 9 (2016).

Since 2011, Royal Russia has grown into a beautiful and authoritative collection for any Romanovphile. To purchase current and back issues, please refer to the Royal Russia Bookshop.

© Paul Gilbert @ Royal Russia. 5 October 2018