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Why does a Brit fight for the truth about Nicholas II and the Romanovs? + PHOTOS

Many people around the world are interested in Russia’s last tsar, but few are so passionate as Paul Gilbert who has devoted his life to studying the last Imperial family. Alexandra Guzeva writes in RBTH

Why did Britain’s King George V betray Russia’s last tsar?

Russia’s last tsar, Nicholas II who was shot dead by the Bolsheviks together with his family, could have escaped this grim fate and left Russia after the abdication in March 1917. His cousin King George V offered Nicholas II refuge, but then unexpectedly withdrew the offer – and later tried to cover up the fact. Alexey Timofeychev writes in RBTH

Royal SCANDAL: King George V RUTHLESSLY knifed Tsar Nicholas in back to save Royal Family

KING George V has been revealed as a key architect in the demise of his cousin Tsar Nicholas II of Russia at the height of the Russian revolution, after failing to provide asylum to the Russian monarchy in a bid a protect the House of Windsor. Matthew Robinson writes in ‘The Daily Express’.

Balmoral Castle nearly became home to Tsar Nicholas II after the Russian Revolution

A new biography on King George V claims that the royal retreat was considered as a possible residence for the Romanovs after they were overthrown by the Bolsheviks in March 1917. Heather Greenaway writes in ‘The Daily Record’

10 archive photos of St. Petersburg’s devastating flood

The boggy area where the Neva River flows into the Gulf of Finland isn’t an ideal place to build a city, but Peter the Great didn’t care. The locals who suffered terrible floods did, though.

Life Principles of Grand Duchess Elizabeth

Deeds and letters are those things that in the best possible way show what kind of person someone is. The letters of Grand Duchess Elizabeth reveal the principles which laid the foundation of her life and relationships with people around her. These letters help us understand the reasons why the high-society beauty became a saint in her lifetime.

Peter I’s cottage to Gorbachev’s lavish dacha: Russian leaders’ residences in pictures + 28 PHOTOS

Russia’s rulers have always lived in style. Tsarist palaces reached the peak of their luxury in the late 18th century, but it set a lavish precedent that even Soviet leaders found hard to resist. Tommy O’Callaghan writes in RBTH

Just for fun . . . History quiz – The Romanovs

How much do you know about the last Russian royal family, the Romanovs? Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz, written by Gill Paul, author of ‘The Lost Daughter…’

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