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PHOTO: A recreated monument to Emperor Alexander II, was established on 8th November 2018 in the city of Gdov (Pskov region). It was originally made in 1911, however, it was demolished in 1919, by order of the new Soviet regime. The monument now stands near the Gdov Kremlin, opposite the Cathedral in Honour of the Icon of the Sovereign Mother of God.

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PHOTO: Grand Duke George Mikhailovich (b. 1981), heir to the pretender to the Russian throne, in front of a portrait of his first cousin three times removed Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1918), at the new exhibit Russia, Royalty & the Romanovs at the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace, now open to the public through 28th April 2019

THIS WEEKS ARTICLES (Click on links below to review)

The Romanovs’ Relationship with the British Royal Family Is Explored in an Exhibit at Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s Gallery is hosting a new survey of artworks gifted between the two monarchies.

Vast Nicholas I portrait unveiled as Russians storm palace

Painting is one of 300 works at Buckingham Palace show exploring links to Romanovs

Russia, Royalty and the Romanovs review: Powerful family ties mean politics gets personal + PHOTOS

Relations between Britain and Russia are not entirely happy just now but it’s always useful to put these things into perspective. Which is where this exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery comes in.

Geneticists confirm curl from museum’s collection belongs to Tsarevich Alexey Romanov

Tsarevich Alexey’s curl will be exhibited at the “Nicholas II. Family and Throne” exhibition held from November 10 until April 15, 2019 at the Russian State Historical Museum in Moscow

Exhibition “Nicholas II. Family and Throne” opens at State Historical Museum in Moscow

For the first time the audience will see a large front portrait of Nicholas II painted by Lev Bakst in 1895, as well as rare photographs and memorabilia

Blood-stained shirt of assassinated Czar Alexander II returned to Russia

The blood-stained shirt of Czar Alexander II was brought to France after his death by his morganatic wife Princess Yurievskaya Catherine Dolgorukov


A chandelier and the fate of the Romanovs

Royal historian Elizabeth Jane Timms presents a history of the glass chandelier from the grand duchesses bedroom in the Ipatiev House, and is currently on display at the ‘The Last Tsar: Blood and Revolution’ exhibition in London, England.

The Mystery of Faberge Eggs and Legacy of the Romanovs Today

Russian Art + Culture journalist Emily Couch had the opportunity to talk to author Sophie Law about her work, Russian history, and what the legacy of the Romanovs means today.

5 minutes with… A monumental imperial Russian vase

Why would this prodigious vase, made made in St Petersburg by Russia’s Imperial Porcelain Factory, be adorned with a portrait of Emperor Franz I of Austria? Specialist Margo Oganesian reveals how she got to the bottom of a mystery with Napoleonic roots

Russia’s most beautiful church: The Resurrection Cathedral at Borisoglebsk + PHOTOS

Architectural historian and photographer William Brumfield writes in RBTH, about this example of classic architecture which remained open throughout the Soviet era.

5 picturesque estates near Moscow where famous and wealthy Russians lived + PHOTOS

Here are Russia’s most beautiful country estates that once belonged to outstanding writers, composers and artists.

How did British subs protect Russia in the Baltic during the First World War?

A flotilla of British submarines teamed up with the Russian Navy to fight the Germans in the Baltic Sea region during World War I. Despite a series of victories, it ended tragically.

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PHOTO: Aerial view of the Alexander Palace in Tsarskoye Selo. The palace is now scheduled to start receiving its first visitors after reconstruction in late 2019, in which a third of the palace will be opened as a museum.

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