This Week in the News – The Romanovs and Imperial Russia


PHOTO: This lovely framed watercolour of Tsesarevich Alexei Nikolaevich (1904-1918), contains a curl of the heir’s hair, which is embedded between two griffins in the lower part of the frame.

Genetic testing recently confirmed that the sample is authentic. The framed image and hair sample are from the collection of the Belgrade Museum, and currently on display at the Nicholas II. Family and Throne exhibition, which runs until 15th April 2019, in the State Historical Museum in Moscow. Click HERE to read more about the exhibition.

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This Week in the News includes a link and brief summary to full-length articles published in the past week from English language media and internet sources.

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Royal Russia is pleased to offer our dedicated followers with the following 5 full-length articles, on a variety of topics covering the Romanov dynasty, their legacy, monarchy, and the history of Imperial and Holy Russia, for the week ending 17 November 2018:


THIS WEEKS ARTICLES (Click on links below to review)

Russia in World War I: Was victory ‘stolen’ by a stab in the back?

Some experts claim that Russia was on the road to victory in the Great War but then it was abruptly sabotaged by selfish and cowardly politicians who organized the two revolutions in 1917, and who then later signed a separate peace deal with Germany. Is this thesis valid?

Just for fun . . . QUIZ: Chow time! Are you more like Ivan the Terrible or Nicholas II?

Answer the questions and find out the diet of which Russian ruler suits you better: Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great or Nicholas II.

The elephants that entertained Russian tsars

‘Russia is the motherland of all the elephants,’ an old joke goes. Ironically, there were numerous elephants have made their mark on the country. Some had tiger’s claws, drank vodka, entertained the tsars, and took part in weddings.

RT’s Multimedia Project #ROMANOVS100 Wins Silver at Clio Entertainment

#Romanovs100, a large-scale, cross-platform, multimedia project launched by RT to mark the centenary of the execution of the last Russian royal family, won silver at Clio Entertainment—a prestigious awards competition honoring outstanding work in the field of film/television promotion and advertising.

Stairway to heaven: The churches at Romanov + PHOTOS

Architectural historian and photographer William Brumfield writes in RBTH, about some of the most unique church architecture in central Russia.

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PHOTO: The highly anticipated exhibition Russia, Royalty and the Romanovs opened on 9th November. It showcases a collection of nearly 300 works, ranging from Fabergé eggs to jewellery, paintings, and letters, exploring the interconnections between the Romanov dynasty and the British royal family. The exhibition runs until 28th April 2019 in the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace, London, England. Click HERE for more details about the exhibition.

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