Chandeliers, Vases and Sculptures: Treasures of the Livadia Palace


On 1st November, 25 years ago, the Livadia Palace received the status of a museum. In 1974, the palace in which the Livadia sanatorium was located, opened its doors for the first time to visitors – an exhibition complex was created here that included recreated interiors of the Yalta conference of 1945 and various related exhibitions.

In 1985, Livadia marked the 40th anniversary of the Yalta Conference of the “big three: Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt”. The exhibition “The Crimean Conference of the Leaders of the Three Powers: the USSR, the USA and Great Britain” was held in the palace.

In July 1994, the museum exposition “The Romanovs in Livadia” opened in the halls of the second floor.

On the anniversary of the establishment of RIA Novosti, Crimea prepared a selection of photographs of the most valuable exhibits from the museum’s collection.


Livadia Palace

© RIA Novosti / Paul Gilbert @ Royal Russia. 7 December 2018