Help Preserve the Romanov Legacy and Imperial Russian History in 2019

inside by xmas tree

Nicholas II and his family marked their last Christmas in Tobolsk, 1917

Royal Russia to mark its’ 25th anniversary in 2019!

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Dear Friends of Royal Russia:

This month, I am launching my annual Christmas appeal to Romanov enthusiasts and lovers of Imperial Russian history.

What a truly remarkable year 2018 was for me! I was honoured to take part in the Tsar’s Days events held in Ekaterinburg in July, and hosting the Nicholas II Conference in Colchester, England in October. No less than 4 issues of Sovereign, and 2 issues of Royal Russia were published in 2018. 

In 2019, I will continue to make translations a priority, devoting many hours each day browsing Russian language media sites to bring you the latest news on the Romanov dynasty, their legacy, exhibitions, restorations and more. Articles and news stories of interest will be translated from Russian, supplemented with photographs and videos, for posting my Royal Russia News blog and Facebook pages.

I will also be launching a new campaign to help clear the name of the much slandered tsar Nicholas II. This will include a new web site, book projects, and most importantly the translation of articles by Russian historians, who base their research on new documents discovered since the fall of the Soviet Union, from state and private archival sources. 

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1 December 2018
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