Exhibition: ‘Victory of the Entente – Victory of Russia 1918-2018’ Opens in Ganina Yama


On 9th December 2018, the exhibition Victory of the Entente – Victory of Russia 1918-2018, dedicated to the centenary of the end of the First World War, opened in the Museum and Exhibition Center of the Monastery of the Royal Martyrs at Ganina Yama.

The exhibition marks the Day of the Heroes of the Fatherland, a Russian holiday which has been celebrated since the 18th century; the date was timed to coincide with the outstanding event of the reign of Empress Catherine II – in 1769 she established the Order of St. George. During the First World War, this order was awarded to soldiers who displayed valor, bravery and courage in battle.

The exhibition begins with the presentation of the book The Role of Russia and the Romanovs in the Great War of 1914–1918, by Alexey Vladimirovich Oleynikov, Associate Professor of Astrakhan State Technical University, Doctor of Historical Sciences. 

A.V. Oleinikov researched the contribution to the victory of Imperial Russia’s supreme commanders: Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich (1856-1929) and Emperor Nikolai II (1868-1918)

The historian writes: “The sovereign emperor Nicholas II who served as Commander in Chief, proved a calm, seasoned, thoughtful leader with perseverance in achieving the goal of winning the war, competently organizing the work of the military machine and coordinating activities its units, capable of selecting qualified officers to perform their duty.”

The book has a section dedicated to military companies, where an analysis is given in figures of the number of weapons. There is a comparative analysis of the contribution of Russia with the other members of the Entente.

The illustrations for the book were photographs exhibited in the monastery from the photo album of the Sovereign. They can be seen in the multimedia hall of the museum, through the pages of a virtual photo album, the original of which is stored in the funds of the Museum of Local History in Zlatoust.

Visitors to the exhibition can acquaint themselves with Russia’s role during the First World War. The exhibit features original items of the First World War from the Cultural Center, which include uniforms, ammunition, equipment, weapons, awards, etc.

Through documents and photographs, visitors will learn the true contribution of Russia and, for example, the United States, which entered at the last stage of the war. The exhibition further explores the contribution of Britain and France with the contribution of Russia, although Russia’s former allies tell a completely different story today.

– This injustice needs to be corrected, it is necessary to restore the historical truth, including the role of the sovereign, who, even while being in exile in Tobolsk, continued to be true to his duty towards England and France, who had betrayed him, – says Vladimir Anatolyevich Kuznetsov, head of the monastery center – The exhibition covers the period from 1914 to 1918. Despite the fact that the Brest Peace Treaty was signed on 3rd March 1918, Russia continued to fight. The expeditionary corps of the Russian army continued to operate in the West. The Russian Legion of Honour reached Berlin, including the future Marshal of the Soviet Union R.Ya. Malinowski. The Bolsheviks gave away vast territories of the former Russian Empire to the mercy of the enemy. But at the same time, our Fatherland actually continued to fulfill its obligations to the countries of the Entente. She held in her occupied territories the huge forces of the Kaiser military bloc, which later were not used by the Central Powers to defend her Western Front. Greed destroyed them. Thus, by 11th November 1918, the war ended with the victory of the Entente, and for Russia in a certain sense, it also ended with a victory over the enemy who declared war on us in the summer of 1914.”

The end of the exhibition will be timed to coincide with the centenary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles – 28th June 2019.

The exhibition Victory of the Entente – Victory of Russia 1918-2018, runs until 28th June 2019, in the Museum and Exhibition Center of the Monastery of the Royal Martyrs at Ganina Yama. Free admission.

© Paul Gilbert @ Royal Russia. 11 December 2018