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PHOTO: OTMAA: A Photobiography of the Children of Tsar Nicholas II

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This Week in the News includes a link and brief summary to full-length articles published in the past week from English language media and internet sources.

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Royal Russia is pleased to offer our dedicated followers with the following 12 full-length articles, on a variety of topics covering the Romanov dynasty, their legacy, monarchy, and the history of Imperial and Holy Russia, for the week ending 12 January 2019:


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Fabergé eggs go on display at the New Jerusalem Museum + VIDEO (in English)

Some of Fabergés’ most famous works are being exhibited at the New Jerusalem Museum, northwest of Moscow. The display includes an egg designed for the 10th wedding anniversary of Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra. It’s made of gold, diamonds, coloured enamel, velvet and ivory.

Rostov’s Savior Frescoes: Fire and brimstone in a brilliant setting + PHOTOS

Architectural historian and photographer William Brumfield writes in RBTH, about a complex expression of the early church’s wealth and power.

The Romanovs’ Twilight – a TASS News Agency project

‘The Romanovs’ Twilight’ features a family tree, with arrows which highlight descendants; another page reflects their years of life; a map which details the journeys of each of the 45 members of the Russian Imperial family who escaped Bolshevik Russia, seeking refuge abroad. Note: use your cursor to move around the page for more information

Locked up, lost, or looted: 5 Romanov treasures that have suffered different fates

The story of the Romanov crown jewelry collection is as mysterious as the family’s tragic death. While some of their gems were sold or lost, some survive to this day and are locked in the state vaults.

The Romanovs

Artists’ brushes have immortalised wintry scenes, ice, the snows of Russia, glittering Marriage Ceremonies, powerful Russian Emperors resplendent in uniform and Empresses in great finery with jewels. They painted a mother, surrounded by her children, who knew not of their approaching doom. A new genre was born; war photography, which captured the horrors of the Napoleonic and Crimean Wars which brought death and desolation.

Explore Britain’s relationship with Russia through art gallery at Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace hosts rotating exhibitions of art and treasure from the Royal Collection held in trust by the queen for the public.

Currently on display at the gallery are two exhibitions focusing on Britain’s relationship with Russia over the past 300 years through diplomatic alliances, linked dynasties and war.

Exhibition: The Reluctant Autocrat: Tsar Nicholas II

22 Dec 2018 — 17 Mar 2019 at the Georgia Museum of Art in Athens, United States

Life of Nicholas II of Russia on view at museum

Hillary Brown writes about a new exhibition “The Reluctant Autocrat: Tsar Nicholas II,” organized by the Georgia Museum of Art and on view through March 17.

The madness of 3 Russian tsars, and the truth behind it

Was Ivan the Terrible, who killed his son, truly mad? Did Peter the Great suffer from psychotic episodes? Was Paul of Russia mentally retarded? Let’s investigate.

10 of Russia’s most beautiful churches + PHOTOS

There are thousands of churches in this huge country, but rbth have (with difficulty!) selected the ones you absolutely must visit at least once in your life.

Orthodox Christmas and New Year’s greetings from the Russian Imperial House

From the Head of the Russian Imperial House HIH Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, and her son Grand Duke George. *Orthodox Christians mark Christmas Day this year on 7th January, and New Years Day on 14th January

Ukrainian Diaspora Churches Under Constantinople Don’t Accept Sainthood of Tsar Nicholas II and His Family

It is fine if the Russian Orthodox Church wants to venerate Tsar Nicholas II and his martyred family as saints, but the Ukrainian Church abroad does not accept this canonization, according to Archbishop Daniel of Pamphylia, one of the two Constantinople Exarchs to Kiev.

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PHOTO: Aerial winter view of the Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg – absolutely stunning!

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