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PHOTO: father and son: Emperor Nicholas II with his only son and heir Tsesarevich Alexei, on board the Imperial yacht ‘Standart’ 1910

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This Week in the News includes a link and brief summary to full-length articles published in the past week from English language media and internet sources.

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Royal Russia is pleased to offer our dedicated followers with the following 5 new posts, on a variety of topics covering the Romanov dynasty, their legacy, monarchy, and the history of Imperial and Holy Russia, for the week ending 9 February 2019:

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I am pleased to offer copies of our first publication for 2019, and our 3rd SPECIAL ISSUE published in the past year – SOVEREIGN No. 11

This issue features 154 pages, 76 photos, 11 articles, which were previously published in back issues of ROYAL RUSSIA, between 2011 – 2017.

As back issues are now going out of print, I want to preserve some of the Royal Russia articles regarding the life and reign of Nicholas II for current and future Sovereign readers.

‘My mission to clear the name of Russia’s last tsar’ – Paul Gilbert + PHOTOS

In 2019, I will be devoting much of my time and resources to the research and writing on the much slandered tsar.

This includes NEW web site and FB pages, new journal and book publications, Nicholas II Discussion Group, media coverage, and more.

Landmark Joint UK-Russia Exhibit to Show Royals, Crimean War at Queen’s Gallery + PHOTOS

Sputnik spoke to Stephen Patterson, co-curator of the ‘Russia, Royalty & the Romanovs’ exhibition and Sophie Gordon, head of photographs and curator of ‘Shadows of War: Roger Fenton’s Photographs of the Crimea, 1855’ display to get an inside look at the gallery, which is on display until 28 April.

Crowned with ceramics: The Church of the Savior in Belozersk + PHOTOS

Architectural historian and photographer William Brumfield writes in RBTH, about this religious site, which boasts a prime example of early Russian craftsmanship.

Russia: End of the imperialist line on the Trans-Siberian Express train

I am always curious to know the effect a visit to the Church on the Blood in Ekaterinburg, has on first-time visitors.

I am equally curious to know how the murder of the Imperial family has on Russians, a century after the regicide of 17 July 1918.

Tim Warrington shares both during his visit to the Church last summer. His article has been published in the February 5th edition of ‘The New Zealand Herald’.

When asked whether the killing of the tsar’s children was justifiable, do take note of the heartless comments made by his guide, I wonder if she could also justify Lenin’s Red Terror?


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PHOTO: The Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum has received a wonderful gift: a rare 18th century porcelain clock from the era of King Louis XV of France (1710-1774).

The clock was purchased with funds from the Transsoyuz Charitable Foundation, and will soon decorate the interior of the Fabric Bedchamber of the Chinese Palace.

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