The Grand Dukes of Russia

I am pleased to announce that next year (2020), I will begin publication of The Grand Dukes of Russia. This four-volume set, will be the most ambitious and costly publishing project in the 25 year history of Royal Russia.

Each volume of The Grand Dukes of Russia will explore one of the four main branches of the Russian Imperial Family, named after the sons of Emperor Nicholas I (1796-1855) and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (1798-1860).

Volume No. 1 – the Alexandrovichi (descendants of Emperor Alexander II), with further subdivisions named the Vladimirovichi and the Pavlovichi 

Volume No. 2 – the Konstantinovichi (descendants of Grand Duke Constantine Nikolaevich)

Volume No. 3 – the Nikolaevichi (descendants of Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich)

Volume No. 4 – the Mikhailovichi (descendants of Grand Duke Michael Nikolaevich)

Each volume will feature biographies of each grand duke, researched solely from Russian archives and other sources, offering new information about. Each volume will be richly illustrated with black and white photographs, and complemented with family trees, details about their residences in Russia, and more.

Research for Volume No. 1 – the Alexandrovichi is already underway, with publication due early next year. Stay tuned for further updates . . . 

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