Russian Imperial House Considers Changes to Law of Succession


Alexander Zakatov and Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna

HIH Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, has not yet received the blessing from Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia to change the law of succession of the Imperial House of Russia. “But the dialogue is underway”, said the Director of the Chancellery of the Head of the Russian Imperial House, Alexander Zakatov, during an interview with the Russian news agency Политика сегодня (Politics Today). 

The Decree was amended on 20 March 1820, by Emperor Alexander I, who issued a Manifesto stipulating that, “if any person in the Imperial Family enters into a marriage with a person of a status unequal to His, that is, not belonging to any Royal or Ruling House, in such a case the person in the Imperial Family cannot pass on to the other person the rights which belong to Members of the Imperial Family, and the children issuing from such a marriage have no right of succession to the throne.”

Zakatov said that the question of changing the law is being considered, as the head of the Imperial House has repeatedly stated publicly. 

“The Grand Duchess has repeatedly stated publicly that it is possible after some time to make adjustments to the rules of succession to the throne, as has been done by many European houses. She has always emphasized that such a change is possible only with the consent and blessing of the church. The Grand Duchess consults with the Patriarch on all matters,” said the director of the office.

 He stressed that there is no rush to change the rules of inheritance of the throne. 

It should be noted that the son and heir of Her Imperial Highness Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich is now 37 years old (born 13 March 1981), and still unmarried. A lack of eligible royal princesses, let alone one who would convert to Orthodoxy certainly narrows his chances of entering into an equal marriage. A change to the dynastic succession, however, will now clear the path for George to marry for love.

It is very timely also, that such a change should come after the deaths of Princes Nicholas (1922-2014) and Dimitri Romanovich (1926-2016), both  former heads of the Romanov Family Association, whose current members are sure to cry foul, setting the stage for further family squabbles.

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The Russian Imperial House Issues Statements Regarding the New Series “The Romanoffs”


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The Chancellery of the Russian Imperial House released today a Statement and a Clarification concerning the new Amazon Prime Series, “The Romanoffs.”

The series was developed, written, and produced by Matthew Weiner, an American, most famous for creating the internationally popular series “Mad Men.”

“The Romanoffs” is more like a series of loosely connected short films than a series. It is a collection of stories in which one or more of the characters believes that they are descended from the Russian Imperial Family.

Though the series is clearly fiction, the first two episodes have sparked controversy: the opening credits feature a gory recreation of the murder of the Imperial Family, who are now recognized as saints in the Russian Orthodox Church, and in the second episode, dwarf actors are used to portray the Imperial Martyrs in an humiliating sequence meant to be comical.

The Imperial house notes that it “does not wish to fan the flames of publicity,” but that it cannot stand by when such coarse and vulgar liberties are taken with the representation their relatives and ancestors.

The STATEMENT may be read HERE


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